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Part Time Shuffle: Gaiden

The wild forges a new silhouette with classic fire. Curves deadlier than a blade. Resolve harder than iron. A roaming spirit with indomitable soul.

Enter: Aishah Garman

James Stanley’s comic series “Part-Time Shuffle” is back to serve up another dose of Super-VHS City with “Diary of a Soulful Kunoichi.” 

Parts A and B of Episode 00 introduced us to part-time hitter Meiko Schultz and Mari Ohura, yakuza boss of the Ohura family. In this companion episode, a vital new player comes into focus. An enigmatic kunoichi (female ninja) with ties to another crime gang. The Kigen family.

Aishah Garman is summoned out of the shadows by yakuza boss (and pompadour aficionado) Oji Kigen. Her new assignment is to bodyguard someone of vast importance to the organization. It’s heavily implied to be none other than the titular part-timer, Meiko. However, before Aishah sets out on her mission, challengers force her katana blade “Jimi Hendrix” into an impromptu concert.

While “Episode 00: Part B” artfully dipped its toes in cinematic black and white, this episode practically baths in it. Utilizing only accents of color, it pops character intros off the page and makes the aftermath of Aishah’s swordsmanship extra meaty.

As always, be sure to check out the episode music guide (aka “table of dopeness”) in the back. A track listing for each scene, organized by page number.

No PTS experience is complete without it!

Pick up “Part-Time Shuffle: Diary of a Soulful Kunoichi,” along with all other PTS episodes on Storenvy.

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