A New Year, Another Tomorrow

Greetings friends. 2014 is upon us and good things are on the horizon. One of which is a new animated short known as “Another Tomorrow.”


Written and directed by Antonio Aquilino Medina, Another Tomorrow is a dark comedy with a splash of horror. It’s a story that aims to tingle your spine while tickling your funny bone! The tale is as follows…

Every month a village must make a terrible choice.  To ensure their safety, it randomly chooses one of its own to appease the insatiable hunger of a monster.  When a child refuses to be the latest sacrifice, it threatens the future of the entire village. 

As a member of the production team, I’ll be providing character art and 2D animation. One of characters I’ll be handling is this little guy. “Darius the Ghost.”

Darius the Ghost

With a trailer currently in the works, you’ll soon be able to help this project  grow on Kickstarter!  For more info, check out the website here.


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