Platypus Walk Cycle Pt. 4


Experimenting a little with the lighting.


Step by Step, Day by Day


Nearing the finish-line my little side project.  All that’s left are little effects here and there.


Background Development

background test
Where is the exit?!!

I started experimenting with a scrolling background. I imagine the end product to be a forest scene with light beaming down on the character through some trees. Right now, I’ve just got some “guide blocks”in place.

The more I look at this, the more it kind of looks like he’s walking down a wallpapered hallway (with an narrow, open door).


A new year for new animation.


To kick the new year off right, I’ve got some fresh squeezed animation.

I first created this character in college, but wasn’t terribly satisfied with his walk cycle at the time.  I decided give it another go, but to make things more interesting, (and for my own amusement hehe) I went the pixel route.

There’s a little more I want to do with it, but this is the gist.